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Aerospace and Defence

Le attività

RAMS and Design Activities

In Defense and Aerospace, Italconsul mainly carried out analyzes according to sector regulations:

  • RAMS

  • Safety, Hazard Analysis, Hazard Log Database



  • Testability

  • Maintainability

  • Mantenance Manuals

  • RCM

  • Document Checking Services

Mechanical Reliability and Relysoft

Progettazione e Affidabilità meccanica

Italconsul carries out structural verification activities also through Finite Element Analysis.

In the Aerospace and Defense sectors, Italconsul carries out Reliability Prediction of Mechanical components/systems through its method ©RelySoft, where traditional methods would not be adequate.

  • Finite element simulations (FEM) for mechanical/structural verifications: linear, non-linear, static, dynamic

  • Mechanical Reliability through Relysoft: calculation of the probability of failure of components/systems through time-independent stress-strength analysis; reliability prediction over time of mechanical components

  • Definition of time intervals of the predictive maintenance as a function of a component reliability over time (RCM)

Space and Defence Programs

I programmi

In the aerospace, Italconsul was involved in programs relating to the design of vectors, satellites, and support equipment.

For Defense, Italconsul was involved in military programs relating to the design of systems and equipment: land, air, and naval.

  • VEGA, European Small Launcher

  • WGLU (Water and Gas Loading Unit) of ATV Cargo Carrier

  • AGILE Satellite, Bus, and Payload

  • CPD (Coarse Pointing Device) for Solar/Expose Payload

  • MITA Satellite

  • Prima Core Spacecraft Solar Array

  • LARES Satellite

  • FSAF SAMP-T, anti-missile system

  • FSAF SAAM-IT, anti-missile system

  • FSAF SLV, anti-missile system

  • B529 Launcher Equipment for the C310/S Torpedo Countermeasure System

  • B530 Launcher Equipment for the Combat System of the Italian FREMM

  • SRLM for the P-8A MMA Aircraft

  • LSDU and SBDU for NH90 Agusta helicopter

  • LSDU and SBDU for Sikorsky Agusta helicopter

  • ECDS2 Equipment for Agusta helicopter

  • M346 Landing Gear

  • CPD Equipment for F-16 Aircraft

  • SFD Equipment for V-22 Aircraft

  • ETU Equipment for M346


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