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Research and Development (R&D)

Italconsul, besides to logistic engineering and design activities for its customers, carries out its own research and development activities.


Over time it has formed partnerships with some Italian universities: "La Sapienza" and "Tor Vergata" in Rome, the University of L'Aquila.



Italconsul produced and owns the patent rights of two electric machines; for one of them, further developments are in progress of the prototype already built.



Italconsul is currently developing its own software that applies algorithms to calculate the probability of success or failure of a known process. These algorithms are the synthesis of a methodology created by Italconsul itself over the years of its activity to support its customers in projects in the Aerospace sector.


By means @Relysoft, Italconsul calculates the reliability of mechanical components or processes.

Italconsul Papers


Over the years, Italconsul has written many scientific papers published in sector journals and presented its own works in national and international conferences in which are illustrated the experiences gained over the years and the results obtained during its research and development activity.


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