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Reliability Analysis

ItalConsul performs system / subsystem / device reliability analyses during their entire life cycle, both for civil and defense fields, in accordance with industry standards:


  • for defense field, taking as a reference the standards MIL-STD-785 "Reliability Program for System and Equipment Development and Production" and MIL-STD-756B "Reliability Modeling and Prediction";

  • for civil sector, in particular railways, taking as a reference the standard EN 50126 standard which deals with the specification and demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS).


The reliability analysis is performed through modeling (definition of the reliability block diagram and related mathematical model) and reliability prediction.

Reliability Prediction

ItalConsul performs reliability prediction of components and systems.

The reliability of electronic components is calculated according to the most known standards.

Reliability Prediction of electronic components

The reliability prediction is performed by means the main reliability standards as:

  • MIL-HDBK-217-F2

  • HDBK 217 Plus

  • Telcordia-3

  • SN-29500 Siemens


It is also able to determine the reliability over time of mechanical, electrical, electromechanical components (etc.) without using the failure rate but the models that describe the causes of the failure and by interpreting the quantities involved as stochastic quantities.

Reliability Prediction of mechanical components

The study of the reliability of a mechanical component is based on the comprehension of the physical mechanisms that lead to the failure. Each failure of a mechanical component can be characterized by:

  • a failure mode (e.g. breakdown)

  • a failure mechanism (e.g. fatigue)

  • a cause of failure (e.g. a load variable over time with periodic law).

The reliability prediction of mechanical components is a much less standardized discipline than that of electronic components. 

The approach used by Italconsul is the stress-strength analysis, applied through its own tool ©Relysoft

Process Reliability Prediction 

The assessment of the reliability of a generic physical, chemical (or other) process is dealt by Italconsul with a approach similar to the reliability assessment of a mechanical component, that is, by identifying and analyzing the mechanism that leads to the failure.

The process reliability is calculated by analyzing the physical models of the operating modes by means its own tool ©Relysoft and its new mathematic.

Reliability Prediction of a Function / Mission 

The study of the reliability of a function / mission that a system must perform requires the use of one or more analyses that Italconsul selects and applies according to the actual problem:


  • RBD

  • FTA

  • Event Tree


  • Markov Chains

  • Fuzzy Logic

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