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Electrical Design

In the Railways sector, ItalConsul carries out activities of Electrical Design of MV/LV transformer substations and light and Power Plants of station and tunnel.

These activities include the following analyses:

  • Electrical diagrams (general system diagrams; single-line diagrams);

  • Technical reports; Lighting report (lighting calculations);

  • Device sizing calculation (UPS, Transformers, Air Conditioning Unit, etc…);

  • System sizing calculation (cables and switches; earth plants);

  • Protective device settings report and Selectivity study;

  • Low voltage layout, earthing layout;

  • Low voltage layout and section in tunnel

  • Cable tray calculation

  • Maintenance plan, Use, and maintenance manual, Figured catalog of spare parts;

  • Supervision and support for the preliminary electrical design of Power Supply and Traction Power System;

  • Electrical simulations

Electrical design

To carry out these activities, Italconsul makes use of both the tools provided by the main manufacturers of electrical components and advanced analysis tools such as:

  • SIMPLORER for Multi-domain and circuit simulations of complex electrical and electronic circuits.

Short circuit simulation
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