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Safety Analyses

Safety Analysis deals with evaluating the safety of the design of a system / device:

  • during operation and maintenance

  • regarding the reliability of essential performance during use

  • regarding unexpected events with adverse effects on people, things and environment.

The purpose of the analysis is to:

  • identify and quantify the nature of potential hazards and the likelihood of hazards occurring,

  • assess the consequences of risks regarding people, things and environment,

  • define support actions to eliminate/reduce potential hazards or mitigate their effects through a combination of engineering and management measures.

Safety Analyses for Defence Systems

For Defense projects, Italconsul carries out Safety Analyses according to MIL-HDBK-882D "Standard Practice for System Safety" which replaced the MIL-STD-882C "System Safety Program Requirements"; however MIL-STD-882C remains one of the few documents that clearly and completely deals with Safety.


The Analyses usually performed for Defence Systems are: 


  • FTA

  • System Safety Program Plan

  • Subsystem Hazard Analysis (SSHA)

  • Operating and Support Hazards Analysis (O&SHA)

  • Hazardous Materials Analysis

  • Safety analysis of the Unexpected events

  • Critical Safety Item List

Safety analysis for Civil Systems (Railways and Metro Systems)

In the Civil field, the reference standard for carrying out safety analyses is EN IEC 61508 "Functional Safety of Electrical / Electronic / Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems (E / E / PE)".

Standards applicable to specific sectors were then issued according to the same principles and methods of IEC 61508, in particular EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129 in the railway sector.


Italconsul performs all the analyses of the safety process during the entire life cycle of the system / subsystem / device, such as:


  • FTA

  • Safety Assurance Plan;

  • Preliminary Hazard Analysis and SIL apportionment (PHA)

  • Hazard Analysis (HA)

  • Operating and Support Hazards Analysis (O&SHA)

  • Safety Case

  • Hazard Log

  • Verification and Validation Plan

  • Verification and Validation Report

  • Test Plan

  • Test Reports

  • Critical Safety item list


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